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Youngteam - ”dugpas” Album: Fading into night Music & Lyrics: Youngteam The Band: Fredrik Liljequist - Voc & guitars Peter Eriksson - Drums Johan Angantyr - Guitar Mattias Hägerstrand - Bass
The day
May 25th, 2013 The band wanted something foresty, dark, blurry and sort of Twin Peaksish. We went to the place where Peters mother grew up and used that as office for the weekend. We charged the batteries, gathered the bands equipment and went into the woods. We filmed during the day, evening, night and morning nonstop. We found a little opening in the forest with dead white trees on the ground where we assembled the bands gear and while the moon was high, and the band members ran back and forth in front of the car to get the strobelike lighting, we shot the scene in which they're playing their instruments. It was cold, dark and felt pretty awesome.
Crew Credits
Camera: Christian Rockström Edit: Christian Rockström Flashlights: The band, Christian Rockström Car headlights: The band

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