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A Beautiful Friend - ”love finds a way” Album: We Were Heading For The Sun Music & Lyrics: Pelle Ekerstam Participants: Pelle Ekerstam Cecilia Linné Joel Klen Zabina Ekberg Evelina Kroon Carl Ekerstam Therese Börjesson Niklas Forsberg Ylva K. Rosvall Mikko Elf Sofie Eriksson Rickard Lann Louise Nordström
The day
2011 The idea for the video is based on two different games that children usually - at least in sweden - play at birthday parties and similar events. "Viskningsleken" (game of whispers) and "Hela havet stormar". Pelle gathered some friends and family to help out with the whispering and the highly choreographed and oh so special dance.
Crew Credits
Camera: Christian Rockström Edit: Christian Rockström

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