Why We Love Music is a project focused on documenting beautiful music in and around the city of Stockholm, Sweden. We work primarily with DSLR cameras and portable recording equipment to bring you special moments from special places with talented artists/bands. All in sweet looking HD with a sound mix that's both true to the music as well as to the location used. WWLM is a passion project; free promotion for great musicians, that's the whole deal. Want to play? Are you a songwriter, in a band, or representing someone who'd be interested in being a part of WWLM? We work hard to give each artist/band a pleasant work environment no matter if we film for half a day or for 30 minutes (for shorter time schedules we appreciate a longer heads up so that we can plan all the details in advance). If you're not from Stockholm (and/or Sweden) and touring/traveling brings you here we don't mind choosing a location near your venue for maximal comfort. For more details and questions please drop a line at booking@whywelovemusic. Want to work with us? Are you a photographer/sound engineer (with your own equipment) and want to help us create more live videos; get in touch! We're also working on implementing articles about music and if you love the pen more than a camera or a microphone we'd still love to have you so... get in touch! For questions and what not, make it out to christian@whywelovemusic.com. Also check out If you're in to sites like this one you really can't afford to miss these ones. They were all a huge source of inspiration for us. We love them! www.sideshowalley.tv www.blackcabsessions.com www.bandstandbusking.com
Niklas Löfgren
Christian Rockström

Elias Sjöblom

Previous helpers
Mikko Elf: Creative, Christian Sundén: Logo, Martin Malmström: Sound, Jonatan Permert: Sound